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2016 LEXUS ES 350 - 58ABK1GG9GU018869

58ABK1GG9GU018869-1 58ABK1GG9GU018869-2 58ABK1GG9GU018869-3 58ABK1GG9GU018869-4 58ABK1GG9GU018869-5 58ABK1GG9GU018869-6 58ABK1GG9GU018869-7 58ABK1GG9GU018869-8 58ABK1GG9GU018869-9 58ABK1GG9GU018869-10 58ABK1GG9GU018869-11

About 2016 LEXUS ES 350

This 2016 LEXUS ES 350 is part of our Automobile vehicles. It's VIN code is - 58ABK1GG9GU018869. Join the auto auction to bid on this 2016 LEXUS ES 350. Please note, the following damage may be present on the vehicle: Front End Unknown, which can be viewed more closely by examining the photos included on this page.

As of now, the sale date is August 10, 2022, 3:30 pm.

Good luck bidding on this 2016 LEXUS ES 350!

Lot Id 33146652
Item Id 45368479
Odometer 65725 miles
Price New n/a
Price Future n/a
Price old n/a
Cost Priced $28272
Cost Repair $28272
Year 2016
Auction Date August 10, 2022, 3:30 pm
Auction Status F
Cylinders 6
state GA
Seller n/a
Vehicle Type Automobile
VIN 58ABK1GG9GU018869
Model ES 350
Series 350
Loss Collision
Damage Primary Front End
Damage Secondary Unknown
Status Stationary
Keys No
OdoBrand Not Actual
Fuel Gasoline
Engine 3.5L V6 DOHC 24V DUAL VVT-I
location Atlanta South (GA)
document SALVAGE - GA
Drive Front Wheel Drive
Transmission Automatic
Color Black

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